Board Members in Nakaseeta | 2019
Three of our board members recently returned from Uganda, and had an incredible time visiting Nakaseeta School, and spending time with their new friends and family. We spent a great deal of time building relationships, strategizing about the future of Hope Restored, and imagining the bright futures for all those in Nakaseeta.

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Our 4th Annual Nakaseeta 5K Walk/Run Event in October of 2020 was a tremendous success! Due to the COVID pandemic, we were unable to join together in person as we have in years past, but we persevered! Walkers/runners from around the country participated virtually and we are thrilled to announce that the construction of the dormitory is complete!” 

The dormitory has been needed for many reasons – some of the children at the school do not have families, and a dormitory allows them a place not only to sleep at night, but to be loved and cared for. We are so proud of this accomplishment, and incredibly thankful to all of you who participated over the years!”  

“We continue to raise funds for the purchasing of bunk beds inside the dormitory at $80/bed.” 

Something else that is very close to Christina’s heart is reducing the rate of malaria in Nakaseeta. In her Master’s of Public Health Program, she has been doing an extensive amount of research on Malaria. Malaria is a preventable disease, but it continues to take the lives of 400,000 people around the globe every year, with the bulk of those people being in Africa. Christina and John Joseph have been strategizing about ways a Medical Clinic could be built on school grounds, and ways they could partner with the medical community in Nakaseeta in order for children to be tested for malaria, and have access to the medications proven to cure this disease.

We were also able to purchase a 10,000 litre water harvesting tank

The study of crops is an important part of their school lessons, and the children also have the benefit of eating delicious veggies that nourish their growing bodies from crops that are being grown on school grounds.